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Decorative Privacy Films

Decorative films offer privacy and style

While office spaces have trended towards a more communal design with the aim of fostering teamwork and creating a relaxed environment, there remains the need for privacy in order to conduct meetings and focus on specific tasks. With a seemingly endless number of decorative and custom film options, we offer a cost-effective means of delivering privacy, integrating company branding, and adding to the desired aesthetic of an office space.

Commercial Decorative Films Experience

How do you want your customers and employees to feel when they walk into your office and what do you want them to know about your business? Based upon the answers to these two simple question, we sit down with our clients to develop an approach that will best meet their needs and budget. Our deep network of design partners gives us the ability to develop unique custom designs that will leave an impression.

Hopkins, MN

Family Home Refresh

A lovely couple was going through the process of remodeling her childhood home, and reached out to Columbia to help protect the new interior while helping to maintain the view from the large picture windows they installed to look out over the private backyard pond.


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