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Modern Office Space

With unemployment rates near historic lows, company’s find themselves in a position where not only do they need to provide the financial incentives for one to leave the comfort of their current job, but also must provide an inspiring and comfortable office environment.

How can office design help attract and retain talent?

Employees spend a large majority of their time at their work space, and therefore a work environment needs to be inviting, and a place that employees enjoy coming to. Employers must help to create a space that their employees are proud of, and this can begin with having an up to date appearance. Open office floor plans have become more popular over the years. This layout helps to promote interaction between employees, instead of employees being sectioned off in cubicles or offices. Providing new furniture, or installing glass office fronts and wall graphics are a great way to add some polish to an outdated space.

How can a company create an inspiring work-space?

It’s always a good idea to have your logo and branding displayed in pleasing and prominent area within an office space.

Implementing value and mission statements for your business, and displaying them for all to see on a regular basis is a great way to and inspiration for your employees. Wall vinyl or signage are common ways to display these messages in a clean and professional look.

Let Columbia help inspire your workforce

Please let us know how we can help to update your work space, and create some much needed inspiration.