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Sol Safety

Minnesota awarded $25 Million in Safety Grants

Schools across the state applied for for portions of the available money. Projects will be awarded after the bidding process. Columbia will be looking to help the schools out by providing 3M Ultra Safety and Security Window Film and attachment systems.

How 3M Window Film Can Help

3M Ultra Series safety films will be used in conjunction with the 3M Impact Protection attachment systems to provide increased strength at glass entries. The 3M Ultra Series films are multi-layered, tear-resistant films that are installed onto the existing glass for enhanced protection. The film helps to mitigate hazards from shards of glass, while also increasing protection against forced entry.

Where Film is Installed

Most of our school installations have been done at the main entry ways. It is important to install the film on areas that are usually locked, and therefore are in place to stop unwanted visitors from entering. All 1st level glass should be considered when looking at adding security film, as tempered glass on its own is not a very good deterrent for forced entry. We have also been installing the film on many of the main office windows. The main office is usually near the front entry, and therefore could be the first spot an unwanted visitor could come upon. It is also a good idea to do classroom windows if there are large sidelights that could provide entry into a space.

School administrations know they must take all the necessary steps to provide a safe environment for their students. This grant money will go a long way to making Minnesota schools as safe as possible. Each school will be allowed to apply for up to $500,000 per building. Window film is just a small portion of the safety measures many schools will be adding in the upcoming year. Columbia is happy to be able to help out in anyway that we can. Security Window Film can provide precious time by deterring unwanted individuals from entering a school. School safety is a very important issue, and we are glad that we are able to help come up with a solution.

Columbia is the Safe Choice

We have worked on an abundance of safety film projects, and have provided our customers with the peace of mind that they have taken the right precautionary actions.