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Cuningham Group - Minneapolis

Custom Commercial Decorative

In the Spring of 2018 a local architecture firm Cuningham Group was taking on some new space and reached out to us to help them add some privacy and graphics to their glass and walls. We met with one of the designers, and he had some cool ideas on what he wanted to the space to look like. It was just a matter of figuring out the execution to deliver his vision.

Project Challenges

They had a unique yellow color that they wanted us to try and incorporate, while also providing some privacy for the conference rooms. We tried a few different custom prints before landing on using a Transparent Yellow film with a second overlay of the 3M Dusted Crystal, adding privacy to the film. We premade each piece in shop, as much if it involved being cut by hand by our installers. Each conference room had a unique design, so each space was a new challenge.

Minneapolis, MN

Project Successes

We installed the film at all of the new conference rooms as well as the entryway. We also took care of all the signage for the space, including a large entry wall graphic to make their new space standout. It was exciting to see the transformation of the space as each new graphic was installed, and the final product met all of the customers expectations