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3M Thinsulate Window Film

Low-E Window Film for year round comfort

Energy efficiency is very important for most homeowners, and 3M came up with a window film that can really help the efficiency of glass. 3M Thinsulate Window Films essentially turn a single pane into a double pane and a double pane into a triple pane window. The increased insulation performance will make a drastic improvement to an otherwise poor insulating window.

3M Thinsulate Experience

3M Thinsulate was built to be a year round solution to improve comfort. 3M Thinsulate low-e attributes help keep the cold air out and the warm air in during the winter months. Here in Minnesota that is an important feature to device from a window film product. Conversely, the film helps with heat rejection to improve comfort and energy savings in the summer months. The film’s high visible light transmission helps maintain a buildings existing appearance. As with all 3M Window FIlms, it will reject 99.9% of the harmful UV Rays.

St. Paul, MN

Governor's Mansion

3M and Columbia teamed up to help the historic two-story Tudor-style home that serves as the official residence for the Governor of Minnesota comply with the state’s new law that mandates energy efficiency for government-owned buildings.


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