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Decorative Films

Privacy Film

Sometimes a blind isn’t the best option to provide a little privacy in your home. Luckily there are unlimited amounts of design options that a window film can create to provide the privacy and look you are going for in your home.

Residential Decorative Films Experience

Many of our residential decorative projects are all about privacy. From adding some film to an exterior window, to creating a modesty band on a shower door, decorative window film is an excellent way to add some design to these spaces. Window film allows you to come up with your own creation, rather than choosing from a premade blind or shade. With decorative window film the solutions are endless.

Minneapolis, MN

Hyatt Regency

Columbia Window Film is fortunate enough to have built a long-standing relationship with the Hyatt Regency in downtown Minneapolis. We filmed the entire building about 25 years ago, and in 2016 it was time to redo the window film application. The main objective of the project was to improve occupant comfort, while maintaining a consistent appearance from the outside.


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