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Commercial Work

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Columbia has partnered with with countless large, medium and small organizations and our work can be seen in some of the Twin Cities most iconic buildings. In addition to our solar tinting and security film services, we possess a breadth of capabilities in visual media, including custom printed wall graphics, and glass displays.


Solar window films are able to address a broad range of issues. The most prominent of these being high energy costs due to the inefficient nature of glass. By partnering with Columbia you can achieve enhanced energy performance by using films that help to reduce heat gain during the hot summer months and reduce heat loss during the cold winter months.


3M Safety & Security Films are an effective and cost-efficient method for increasing security at a building’s most vulnerable area - glass entryways. 3M's Ultra Safety & Security Window Film line feature tear resistant clear films that work in tandem with an attachment profile that secures the film to the frame. This combination serves as an effective deterrent to would be intruders as it greatly increases the difficulty in penetrating a building.


While office spaces have trended towards a more communal design with the aim of fostering teamwork and creating a relaxed environment, there remains the need for privacy in order to conduct meetings and focus on specific tasks. With a seemingly endless number of decorative and custom film options, we offer a cost-effective means of delivering privacy, integrating company branding, and adding to the desired aesthetic of an office space.

Daylight Redirecting

3M Daylight Redirecting Film is a breakthrough technology that redirects natural sunlight away from the glass perimeter and deep into the office space, lessening the reliance on interior lighting and lowering energy costs.

Wall Graphics

When we see abundant wall space in commercial office and retail space we see a blank canvas. A canvas that tell the story of your organization, express your organizational values to employees and customers, or animate an otherwise drab wall. Partner with Columbia and we will work with you to concept, design, and execute stunning wall graphics and interior signage that will leave an impression on all who visit.

Columbia for Commercial Customers

Columbia has partnered with with countless large, medium and small organizations and our work can be seen in some of the Twin Cities most iconic buildings. If you’re pursuing solar film, we can conduct an energy analysis of your building and understand how a given application can affect its energy performance. If you’re pursuing a custom decorative project, we can provide design services to make your vision come to life.

“As I have told you before, the guys did a great job last week as they always do. They are professional and stay focused on doing the job. I am always so comfortable with Dave and Mike on the job.”


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