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Residential Window Film Solutions

Maintain Comfort & Protect Your Investments

Home is a special place and with a great deal of time and money invested in creating a comfortable environment, it is important to protect that investment. The sun goes to work each day damaging your interiors, driving your utility bills higher, and rendering certain rooms uninhabitable for long periods of the day due to harsh glare and heat. The experts at Columbia Window Film and Graphics will educate you on the variety 3M Window Film product that are available to identify a solutions that will effectively address these concerns.


Home is your sanctuary from the commotion that each day brings. You’ve worked hard, invested time and money, and filled your home with your most valued possessions all to create and environment that you can take pride in. What many don’t realize is that the sun goes to work each day damaging your interiors and driving up your energy costs. Columbia is Minnesota’s choice for consulting on 3M Residential Window Film products which can address these concerns and provide the peace of mind of knowing that you’re protecting your investments.


There are over 2,000,000 home break-ins reported each year, let’s make sure you aren’t one of them. Adding 3M Safety Film to your windows is a great way to deter would be burglars.


Sometimes a blind isn’t the best option to provide a little privacy in your home. Luckily there are unlimited amounts of design options that a window film can create to provide the privacy and look you are going for in your home.

3M Thinsulate Window Film

Energy efficiency is very important for most homeowners, and 3M came up with a window film that can really help the efficiency of glass. 3M Thinsulate Window Films essentially turn a single pane into a double pane and a double pane into a triple pane window. The increased insulation performance will make a drastic improvement to an otherwise poor insulating window.

Columbia for Residential Customers

When choosing a vendor to perform work in your home, we understand that trust is paramount. You can feel comfortable choosing Columbia as your residential window tinting partner. Our knowledgeable sales staff takes an educational approach in working with you to identify the best solution and our courteous and professional installation team is among the most experienced in the country. We guarantee a great experience and flawless installation or we’ll make it right.

“By partnering with Columbia Window Films, we were able to accomplish installing a window film that not only produced a ROI, but provided greater clarity for our guests to view our beautiful Minneapolis skyline. Columbia was quick, professional, and provided a quality end product that continues to hold up without issue 4 years after being installed.”

Weston Olson, Director of Engineering

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